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Why Your Family is in Danger

Do you think it could never happen to you? You're wrong. That's what I thought too.

This site is for you. It's too late for my family to avoid the agony of False Memory Syndrome, but perhaps it's not too late for yours. If you value your happiness, learn how to recognize when someone is developing false memories and email your elected officials to stop the use of taxpayer dollars and health insurance premiums for unsafe, untested therapies which hurt patients who desperately need help. Stop bad therapy before it stops you. Once it happens to you, it's too late.

Physical, sexual, and emotional abuse are real problems, but so are false accusations of abuse based on so-called "repressed memories" which were supposedly "recovered" during therapy. If you're not lucky, it could happen to you too. As long as irresponsible therapists continue to practice so-called "Memory Recovery Therapy," no one is safe. Your family may be next.

Protect yourself and your family before it's too late. No one else will. Not the therapists who profit by creating clients who are isolated, dependent, and emotionally disturbed for life. Not the state licensing boards which have members who have made money this way themselves, which prefer to "go along and get along," and which respond only to lawsuits and publicity, not to the pleas of anguished, brokenhearted, innocent families and devastated retractors. Not the professional organizations which are too paralyzed by conflict of interest to take a principled stand against junk science and dangerous therapy which has never been shown to be safe or effective. Not the legal system that blocks anguished, falsely accused family members from suing the therapists who are responsible or speaking out about what the therapists have done. Not the beloved family member who places her trust in an ignorant, irresponsible, or manipulative therapist and is one step at a time taught to "recover memories" of events that never happened and to hate her family.

Today, going to a therapist for help is like dialing 911 from a broken-down car on a lonely road at night and knowing that maybe the police will answer, but maybe a serial killer will answer instead, and having no way to know which will show up. As long as therapies need not be tested for safety and effectiveness and therapists are not required to get informed consent, no one is safe from "serial therapists" who inflict harmful treatments on vulnerable, unwitting clients and their families.

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