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Speeches for Streaming and/or Downloading

Streaming audio makes it possible to listen to sound over the Internet. Think of it as radio broadcasts for the web. This page enables you to stream and/or download various speeches about False Memory Syndrome.

To listen to these speeches, you need the free RealPlayer plug-in (version G2, 7, One, or later). If you don't have the RealPlayer plug-in, you can download it from (Note: RealPlayer 5 and earlier are no longer supported by my hosting service, so if you don't have RealPlayer G2 or RealPlayer 7, it's time to upgrade!)

Once you have downloaded and installed RealPlayer, click the links under "Click link to listen!" to launch the RealPlayer and listen to the speech. It will take several seconds for the audio file to "buffer;" after that, you will begin to hear sound. If you don't hear sound, get an error message, or have other problems, see our Streaming Audio Help Page.

Many people experience gaps and "buffering delays" when they listen to streaming audio over the Internet. As a result, you may prefer to download the .ra file to your hard disk and play it back using RealPlayer. To do that: (1) put your mouse cursor over the .ra file link in the "Download .ra file" column, (2) press and hold the right mouse button to show the popup menu, (3) choose "Save Link As ..." to save the .ra file to your hard disk, (4) save the file in a directory, giving it the same name (including .ra extension) as the link, (5) when it's finished downloading, start RealPlayer from your desktop menu, and (6) from the RealPlayer menu, choose File-->Open File and open the .ra file.

Click link to listen! Length About the speech. Download
.ra file

Get all the speeches from the April 2000 conference with one easy click! (Don't forget to get the other speeches from other events!)
(April 2000)
14 min. Welcoming Remarks
Allen Feld, M.S.W. 
Introduction of Pamela Freyd
(April 2000)
4 min. Introduction of Pamela Freyd
Roger Scotford.
Opening Remarks
(April 2000)
15 min. Opening Remarks
Pamela Freyd, Ph.D. 
Introduction of Elizabeth Loftus
(April 2000)
8 min. Introduction of Elizabeth Loftus
Adriaan Mak 
Paving the Road to Reason with Science
(April 2000)
56 min. Paving the Road to Reason with Science
Elizabeth Loftus, Ph.D. 
Many Paths for FMSF Families: Professional Panel
(April 2000)
1 hr. 12 min. Many Paths for FMSF Familes: Professional Panel
Click name to jump straight to that person's speech. 
Introduction: Paula Tyroler, Ph.D.
Moderator: Harold Lief, M.D.
Panel Members: David Halperin, M.D.; Susan Robbins, D.S.W.; Robert Karlin, Ph.D.; Harold Merskey, D.M.
Spectral Evidence vs. Science: Legal Issues
(April 2000)
21 min. Spectral Evidence vs. Science: Legal Issues
R. Christopher Barden, J.D., Ph.D.
Due to technical difficulties, for this panel session, the introduction by Ron Fox and the presentations of Ralph Slovenko, J.D. and Martha Churchill, J.D. were unfortunately not recorded.
Caught in the Middle: Sibling Panel
(April 2000)
41 min. Caught in the Middle: Sibling Panel 
Click name to jump straight to that person's speech. 
Introduction: Carol Koscielny
Moderator: Hollida Wakefield, M.A.
Panel Members: Nancy Haggerty; Eric Krock; Martha Churchill, J.D.; Susan Foard; closing Q&A
Telling the FMS Story: Author Panel
(April 2000)
54 min. Telling the FMS Story: Author Panel
Click name to jump straight to that person's speech. 
Introduction: Charles Caviness
Moderator: Eleanor Goldstein
Panel Members: Charlotte Vale Allen; Reinder Van Til; Mark Pendergrast; Paul Simpson, Ed.D.
Closing Remarks
(April 2000)
9 min. Closing Remarks
Pamela Freyd, Ph.D.
False Memory Syndrome
15 min. False Memory Syndrome. 
(c) 1995 False Memory Syndrome Foundation.
Audio from an introductory video about the problem. Speakers include Pamela Freyd, Ph.D., Richard Ofshe, Ph.D., Paul McHugh, M.D., and others. To order this video, contact the FMS Foundation at 800 568 8882. ($10 each plus $2.50 shipping and handling per tape.) 
Rutherford Family
2 hr. 36 min. When Memories Lie ... The Rutherford Family Speaks to Families. 
(c) 1997 False Memory Syndrome Foundation.
Rev. Tom Rutherford, his wife, and two of his three daughters jointly explain their family's experience with False Memory Syndrome and the story of their reconciliation. Introduction by Pamela Freyd, Ph.D. To order this video, print and mail this order form.
Family Law Malpractice
1 hr. One Hour Speech on Family Law Malpractice
R. Chris Barden, J.D., Ph.D. gives an overview of legal issues raised by the problem of False Memory Syndrome. This speech was presented at the 1997 "Memory and Reality" conference.
Litigation and Legislation
1 hr. Litigation and Legislation: Turning the Tide of False Memory Battles
R. Chris Barden, J.D., Ph.D. gives an update on legal issues raised by the problem of False Memory Syndrome. This speech was presented at the 1999 British False Memory Society conference.
Recovering Our Senses 46 min. Recovering Our Senses Instead of Memories: The Canadian False Memory Experience
Alan D. Gold, an attorney who has successfully defended a dozen clients who were wrongly accused on the basis of false memories, discusses his experience fighting junk science in Canadian courtrooms.
Picking Up the Pieces 21 min. Picking Up the Pieces: Family Reconciliation
Pamela Freyd, Ph.D., founder of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, discusses the reconciliation of families affected by False Memory Syndrome.


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