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Help for Listening to Streaming Audio

How to listen to these streaming audio speeches:

Streaming audio makes it possible to listen to sound over the Internet. Think of it as radio broadcasts for the web.

To listen to these streaming audio speeches, you need the free RealPlayer plug-in. If you don't have the RealPlayer plug-in, you can download it from Once you have downloaded and installed RealPlayer, click the below links to launch the RealPlayer and listen to the speech.

No sound? Please check the following:

  • Do you have RealPlayer installed? If not, download it from It's free!
  • If you go to CNET Radio at, can you listen to the radio broadcast with your RealPlayer? If not, either you don't have RealPlayer installed, or there is a problem with your setup. Try downloading RealPlayer again and reinstalling it, or see Progressive Networks technical support at
  • Is Java enabled on your browser? To use the RealPlayer, Java must be enabled.
    • To check whether Java is enabled, choose "Edit --> Preferences" from Navigator's pulldown menu. Click "Advanced." Make sure that "Enable Java" is checked.
  • Does your computer have a sound card?
  • Does your computer have a speaker?
  • Does your PC have a physical volume control dial? Is the volume turned all the way up?
  • Can you hear sound from within other applications?
  • Is the sound on your PC currently "muted" so you don't hear anything? (On Windows 95 and NT, click the speaker icon to check.)
  • Has the audio stream finished buffering? (You won't hear sound for the first few seconds. While the audio stream buffer is loading, you will see messages in the status bar.)
  • Are headphones plugged in to your computer? (If so, you will only be able to hear sound by wearing the headphones; plugging in headphones usually turns off the main speaker. If not, try plugging in headphones and listening to them; with PCs such as docked laptops, sometimes this works even when the main PC's speaker is switched off. Also, if you wear headphones, the sound of the voice is usually louder than from external speakers, and background noise is blocked, so it's much easier to hear the sound.)
  • For laptops that are plugged in to a docking station:
    • Does the docking station have a speaker? Some have no speaker.
    • Does the docking station speaker have a physical speaker-on/speaker-off switch? Is the switch turned off?
If you send email about a problem, please include this information:
  • name
  • phone number
  • email address
  • hardware platform: PC? Mac? UNIX?
  • OS version
  • Navigator version
  • RealAudio version
  • are you behind a firewall?
  • does the page finish loading? (Do you see "Document done." in the status bar?)
  • can you hear the audio sound at all?
Still no sound? Please doublecheck all of the above things, then email and say what the problem is.

Thanks for listening to these streaming audio speeches!

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