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To protect consumers and reform the mental health industry by requiring informed consent for mental therapies.

"Yes the kids did see handcuffs. They did see a gun. But it was for therapeutic reasons."
-- Bennett Braun, M.D.
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Are you, a friend, or a loved one in therapy or considering it? Are you concerned about your or a friend's therapy? (If so, take our online test for evaluating therapy!) Do you know someone who is at a vulnerable point in their life, suffering from a death in the family, post-partum depression, the loss of a job or a friend, or other problems? Is someone you know reading The Courage to Heal or "recovering repressed memories"? Have you been falsely accused of abuse on the basis of "repressed memories" which were supposedly "recovered" during therapy? Are you going through a contested divorce or a custody dispute and vulnerable to a false accusation? Do you care about justice and human rights?

Then email your elected officials to demand reform of the mental health industry. Did you know that ...

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The Surprising Facts about Memory

True Stories of Bad Therapy
 Read the case of Beth Rutherford, who "recovered memories" during therapy that her father had impregnated her and she'd had two abortions. Later medical examinations showed that she was a virgin and her father had had a vasectomy! The Rutherfords are now reunited.
Myths of Memory Repression and Recovery and Satanic Ritual Abuse.
 Quotes From Professional Organizations
The Memory Recovery Movement is a Cult, and it's Taxpayer Funded.
 Warning Signs that a Friend or Loved One Might Be Joining the Memory Recovery Cult
 Note: Physical, Sexual, and Emotional Abuse are Real Problems!
 If You Think You Have Found Repressed Memories ...
 If You Have Been Falsely Accused ...

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